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What does the Stone Island Badge mean?

(Picture from Cruise Fashion – a new store I’ve come across, mega expensive but mega gorgeous clothes.)

It means… to me… rebel. Someone who’s not afraid. Someone who’ll roar and stand up. It’s a sign: beware, I stand up for myself. Love me, and I’ll love you – bit me, and I’ll bite back twice as hard. To me… it’s about status. YES: I’ve actually spent a few hundred buying this kit – just to make my statement.

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All my life, I’ve known makes like Armani, Gucci, DKNY and a few others. (Of course you have Nike and Adidas and others that have come and gone.) But, none have that same reputation as the Stone Island King. It’s the badge. It says it all. It says words that I can’t speak or convey. It speaks for me.

Others: nah… rich boys… they don’t get it. Cheap fakes… yeah, whatever, you can spot them a mile off. A real Stone Island wearer… he (or she) pulls it off. They have just the right balance. Looking street… but still smart… but not posh smart. You know what I mean? No? You’re not part of the gang, you’ll never understand. 😉