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Stone Island: the Bobble Syndrome and what to do about it!

£400 on a nice wool jumper. Quality. Priceless. You look after it like it’s your own child. You wear it, take it out – you’re SUPER careful.

The baby comes home safely with you at the end of the day. All is well. Fantastic. The story end happy, ever after.

EXCEPT: not!

Wear it again. Everything fine.

Wear it again. Everything fine.

Wear it again. Everything fine.

But… then… one day (not like a million years later -we’re talking a week or 2)…

It’s F******G bobbling! Erghhh! What’s this hideous thing?

Check the Certi Logo – it MUST be *FAKE*! No that checks out.

OH NO! I’ve been given a 1 in a million dud?

No. It’s typical.

It happens. It just flipping happens. 🙁

£400 for what? And you get bobbling?

All is not lost. You can find something to fight back and stop it and bring your Stone Island clothing back to life.

Link: .
Instructions: be careful. Go slow. The scissors are actually professional tailor ones that have precise cutting for gentle fabrics (don’t use to cut anything else). You have to snip away just the right amount – too much… and you’ll cut a hole! NO OTHER scissors give the same control. Enjoy.