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Stone Island Jeans vs Armani Jeans

Who get’s your vote?

Stone Island or Armani?

I mean look: the Stone Island is the winner right?

That big badge – glaring out at the world, saying: HEY LOOK AT ME! I’m a pair of Stone Island jeans!

(OMG – those trainers look sooo naff. Yuk. Horrible.)

Armani is old. Man, that’s like 40 years old or something??

And the winner is….


Yukky. I just don’t like the Stone Island jeans. They look damn ugly and the badge – it looks so cool on a top or coat – but on jeans… it’s toooo big!

Armani: it’s classy. People know. People see that little bird and give you nod.

Once upon a time, the Stone Island jeans were sooo cool. The badge was a small square one.

It’s hard finding an image even… see below.