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Stone Island Fake Guide – Buyer Beware!

So, educate yourself.

Watch a few youtube videos.

My favourite:

But… here’s my take on it…

Actually… wait… are you a Stone Island Devotee? Are you a child of Stone Island and will defend them to the core (no matter how wrong they are?). Please stop reading here. You wont like some of what you read…

OK… I tried to warn you off… read on…!

Stone Island hide behind the Certilogo. That’s awesome. I love it. You can tell a real vs fake that works some of the time. It’s clunky and has some dumb user experience – needs about 20 clicks before you get an answer. AND, they have this really sophisticated part where they WONT tell you the answer about fake or real UNLESS you’ve bought it. You cant check unless you’ve paid cash and parted with your money – ONLY then will they give you an answer. They’re sooo clever!

But… here’s my gripe: (Message to Stone Island) Stone Island – bloody make some DECENT quality clothes. Don’t make jumpers that will bobble. Don’t make clothes that have excess string sticking out. Don’t have badges that look wonky and out of shape. Heck, why use YKK zips?? Give me something that says Stone Island on it! I could go on and give you an essay on this.

Some Stone Island clothes are just skank. Honest, I would run a million miles. £900 for a winter warm coat – something granddad would wear. Yeah… yeah… it’s got a Stone Island badge on though – so it looks hip. Whatever. It looks crap. A badge does nothing. It still looks like a potato coat!

Message to Stone Island: make decent quality couture quality. You have a fan base that will pay a lot. Give back some respect.

A fake: you can spot one a mile off. Forget the Certilogo mate!

Just my take! 🙂