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Stone Island Badge and Buttons for Sale – REALLY??

Yes, you read it right: Stone Island Badge and Buttons for Sale.

Really? No. Not possible. Stone Island don’t sell badges. I asked them. They told me to go away. I cried. They still told me to go away.

Where can you get a badge from?

eBay? You might as well print out a picture on your printer and stick it on your sleeve with kids glue. I started there. My journey and quest to replace my badges lost started there – OMG. Shocking quality. Nothing like the original.

The way I see it… it’s not illegal to sell the badge – it’s like selling a car part or compatible ink.

But come on!! It’s got to look the real deal.

Nah… eBay is hit and miss – more miss than hit.

Gumtree? Nah. Forget that one.

Depop and Splock? I think you can only get these guys on an app. Yes, there are some for sale – not a huge availability.

And… well… there is nowhere. Absolutely nowhere where you can buy a Stone Island badge. A red Stone Island badge – or a green one or a black one… nowhere to be found!

So… this website was born – to become an exchange for sellers.

Born out of frustration because I couldn’t buy anywhere else.