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Special Stone Island Button Wanted (SOLVED)

(READ FURTHER BELOW: Now case solved!)

I have a request from a buyer. He has a jacket from Stone Island 20 years old. 2 missing buttons. ?

Anyone got such a button spare?

The button measures 1 and a 1/4 inch in diameter.

See below.

Please fill in the ‘Sell a Badge‘ link and send in some pictures if you have.

You’d make a Stone Island fan super happy again. ?

EDIT: Update… 15/02/2019: the customer emailed me… he said he went down to the Stone Island Flagship store and showed them the sad story and told how he was distressed at having lost the buttons on a £700 coat. ?

Some guy in the store put on a cloak and pretended to be Superman and said… he don’t worry, we’ll fix this!

They added new buttons with some special gizmo button fixing machine. All done for free.

RESULT: a loyal customer, a customer for life. Priceless. As an aspiring online retailer, this is the kind of service I plan to give my customers. Well done Stone Island – a small clap for that feat of kindness.

NOTE: all of the above is a true story, the pic is a real pic from the customer, the only thing is… the bit about Superman and the cloak, well I made that up just to dramatize and and make into a film one day maybe?