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Size (Dimensions) of a Stone Island Badge

OK, so this is a question I get asked about 5-10 times a month. (I wish you guys would just buy and find out yourself! LOL).

The size should be roughly 9cm x 4.5cm. So, I say roughly, it depends on how much excess material Stone Island have given you. The LOVE giving a rough edge or 2 or 3. Finding one that has 4 rough edges is like finding a clover leaf! You’ll also find a dose of extra string sticking out here or there.

See below to see what I mean.

The REAL Stone Island Badge - from Stone Island

It looks like they JUST don’t care right? It looks like they’re happy to get you to spend $900 on a coat (that’s on sale with 40% off the real price). Don’t be silly. How cynical you are. It’s all done for the benefit of ‘art’. If you question, then you don’t understand – and you’re not as hip and trendy as you think you are – in fact, I don’t even think you can any longer be a member of the special ‘Stone Island Club’. This is something that I learned the from a famous story called the New Emperors Clothes – it’s a fantastic thrilling story that is full of action and exciting things happening throughout the story, I didn’t find out what happened in the end actually as I got in trouble at school and had to go see the head master JUST for talking (silly teacher – I was so much enjoying the story as well). I’m sure the story had a meaningful ending that taught lessons.

There are also the square badges. These seem to be in different sizes. The old Stone Island jeans had square badges – which I much preferred. I’ll update this post later with details.

And… there is the junior badge as well. I don’t have the size of that one – I’ve never had a junior badge sent in. I know it’s a smaller size and the space between the button holes is different. I’ll also update with those dimensions if I ever remember. 🙂

(EDIT: The actual size of a Stone Island badge is actually a little more than 9cm width and a little more than 4.5cm for height – I just rounded up to give easy to read figures.)