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How to Wear Stone Island Cheap and Not Break the Bank Balance

How do you wear Stone Island without going broke? How can you get hold of that special badge without breaking the bank?

FACT: Stone Island don’t sell badges. FACT: buy from eBay or Gumtree and you get fakes galore.

Have you got £1100 to spare? If so, then buy the jacket below – a snip at £1095 at Farfetch – with the remaining £5, you can buy yourself a greasy kebab after the football match.

So, how does one wear ‘cheap’ Stone Island – while still keeping up that impression and appearing to be part of the gang?

Here’s some tips off the top of my head:

  • Buy fake. eBay (AKA Fleebay/Dodgy Kingdom for Fakes/Scammers Paradise). If you have mates who don’t wear Stone Island – they won’t know the difference. And you’ll be prince charming. But erm… if you’re mates know Stone Island… don’t… DO NOT… I mean DO NOT buy! The fakes are just so pathetic. You can spot a mile and a half away. You’ll be laughed at and become a joke!
  • eBay – buy used: yes, you can actually pickup a bargain – but the real clobber really holds it’s value. And don’t bother relying on the Certilogo – that’s hit and miss – like you HAVE to have the item in your possession AND have bought BEFORE they will tell if genuine or not. Pathetic guys. Make your system better.
  • BEST TIP: buy a nice Stone Island Polo tshirt. Mix and match with other items. You’re still part of the crew. A genuine SI Polo tshirt will cost you £110 – or roughly $140. Hunt around and you can pickup for £40 – £50 ($60 – $75).
  • Jeans: relatively cheap at £195 (well compared to the price of a jacket it’s cheap!). Remember, it’s just some denim with the special ‘Stone Island Badge’ on – take the badge of and no one blinks twice when they see you wear.
  • Buy a Stone Island wooly hat. A snip at £75. Best worn in summer – but because of the heat, wear on your head and go round with nothing else on – underpants, shoes, socks and trainers are optional.
  • Avoid Gumtree for used or new. 99% chance it’s a dodgy crappy fake.
  • Buy off season and wait for sales. That £1095 jacket above will be on sale for £795 in 12 months time. Ahem… well… that’s a heavy discount if you think about it.
  • Crazy Idea: buy a badge and stick it on ordinary clothes. Ting!! You have a ‘Stone Island’ piece of clothing right? Well… not quite – it’s not that easy my friend – you need to be a ninja sewer with expert eyesight when sewing – skills old women take a lifetime to master. You have to know how to sew. The buttons are strategically placed and well sewn in. Make a bad job and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb – and you’ll mess up the arm. You can’t JUST stick on a crappy jacket bought from Primark. Stone Island clothes are well sewn. They don’t fall apart. Sewing onto a jacket through the arms is actually demanding!

REMEMBER: you read it here first.