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How to Look After your Stone Island Clothes

Stone Island jumper – oooh LOVE it. Pure class in looks. Pure junk in material. It bobbles. It flipping bobbles.

How does one look after a Stone Island jumper?

Get a woman to look after it? After all, they are superior to looking after things than us cavemen?

One way to prolong the life is to dry clean. Dry cleaning uses chemicals to sanitise and clean clothes. You buy a jumper for a princely sum of $250 from Selfridges say and you have to spend $10 washing it each time? It’s not that bad actually – the French pay through the nose for everything – food, dry cleaning – mega astronomical costs.

But love it as you might, are you really going to spend THAT much EACH time to wash your Stone Island badge and jumper?

First tip: remove the badge! Don’t trust it being washed ANYWHERE – it’s far too precious!

If you don’t like the idea of washing… then here are some tips:

  • Wash on low temperature.
  • Always iron on low temperature and bring the item back to life slowly.
  • Don’t rub the surface on other fabrics. Try living in a cave – it’s well known that cavemen do not suffer the bobbling problem.

Why does it bobble? The answer is a few things. One point is mentioned above: rubbing. When your clothes rubs against something it bobbles.

But why…? It’s to do with the thread. If the thread is coarse, it will bobble. If it’s fine, REALLY finely woven, then it will have a silk like texture. Even after washing a million times, it will still be silk smooth. But… unfortunately, Stone Island clothes are not made of the best materials – in my experience. (I’m sure other will say different.)

20 years ago, if you bought a Stone Island jumper it would be made of acrylic. This would bobble like mad before you got the damn thing home in the shopping bag!

Nowadays, a Stone Island jumper is made of 100% cotton or merino lamb wool. But doesn’t matter, if the material isn’t finely woven, then it will bobble!

Where can you get finely woven? Brands like Ralph Lauren and Armani have *really* finely woven materials – in shirts, tshirts and jumpers. Yes, they do cost xx amount more – but the quality is second to none. That’s one tale tale sign of a Ralph Lauren fake – whether it lasts in the wash or not. After 10 washes it should be smooth as a baby’s bum.

What should you do if your Stone Island jumper bobbles? Take it back!

In the UK (and will be similar in many other places), something should be expected to last a reasonable lifetime – else the consumer can take it back and get a refund. How long is a ‘reasonable amount of time’? 7 years believe it or not. I’ll say it again: 7 years. Keep your receipt and be strong. They’ll laugh at you when you go to the shop or online store. But do some homework as well – don’t take my word for it. Google and find out yourself.