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How much would you pay for used Stone Island clothes?

Would you even buy used? Second hand. Worn before. Used and abused by some disgusting person? (Or maybe the owner was a rich posh person who looked after the item – but who knows?).

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Stone Island clothes REALLY hold their value. Say a $800 jacket… you could sell for half price 12 months later.

How much would you pay? And where would you buy?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have the answers. The kind location is eBay. Yeah – full of sharks and thieves.

A bad place for buyers and a bad place for sellers. Sell and buyers just don’t pay. Even fake sellers get shafted – they sell and fake buyers come and SNAP at them and open claims galore shouting fake (after buying something that they knew couldn’t have cost 10% of RRP)! It’s a dog eat dog world.

Where can you go? I feel lost to be honest.

Gumtree to the RESCUE – not!!

Go on a blind date instead.

I wish Stone Island company would help. I wish they would setup an exchange.

Stone Island have a good fan base. A loyal one. Devotees. It’s like a cult. But I don’t think Stone Island care too much. Too worried about getting to big.

Trust me, there will come one day when you will buy Stone Island clothes from some cheap designer outlet for 5% of previous selling prices – I remember… brands like Fila, Ellesse – remember Sergio Tachini?? All found for cheaper than a bag of nuts at Waitrose. I think they were giving them away at Sports Direct once upon a time because no one was buying! (Waitrose: posh UK supermarket, Sports Direct – UK sports retailer full of junk that that the big brands want to throw away.)

I’ve bought and sold many Stone Island items. All on eBay. But… eBay is a bad place and I don’t use anymore – sooo many bad bad sellers who buy and don’t pay. Or idiots who want to ask 1001 questions but not buy.

Next project: setup an exchange for Stone Island?

I’ll have a think about that one. 🙂