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How Many Colours of Stone Island Badges Are There?

Only a few colours right? Wrong… there’s looooads!

There’s the standard black with green writing and yellow circle?

Image result for different colour stone island badges

(Picture from ClubJJ.)

So over the years… this original one has had a few different flavours. All based on the same model.

(I’ll try and add some pics of one of my badges bought from Woodhouse on Oxford Street 17 years ago!)

But… there’s other ones…!

Black Ghost Stone Island Badge – all black – and looks JUST so amazing!

Image result for black stone island badge

(Picture from John Anthony.)

Ghost Project – NOT to be mistaken for the Black badge. The Ghost Project badge is a little more special. The back has a silk smooth cover and you cant see the underside of the badge.

(I couldn’t find any pics ANYWHERE – so I got this one from an eBay seller who auctioned off for near £60.)

Black and White. They look so cool! But… I can’t find ANY pictures. The only ones I find are blatant fakes on eBay.

Red Stone Island badges – OMG – well… have you EVER seen anything like it…?

(Red badge… I couldn’t find a reputable site – I think pretty rare!)

Olive – excuse moi…? What the heck are Stone Island upto? But… I love it!

( Picture courtesy of Pinterest.)

Navy… I’ve seen one in real life. But cant find ANY images anywhere!

White: one of my favourites! Looks exactly like a white Ghost!

(OK… OK… I’ll own up… I couldn’t find a white badge ANYWHERE! So I got this bootleg badge picture from a seller on eBay – I mean I say bootleg only because of the long thin strip on the bottom – the problem is, I’ve seen REAL Stone Island badges in a far worse condition – I mean, I’m talking about a new one as well – a new Stone Island badge that looks rank – not a rare thing.)

Glow badge: not just for super heroes – has enough light to keep a dolls house lit for 10 seconds.

Image result for different colour stone island badges

(Guys, look at the DISGUSTING detail on that badge. See the bits of stray string near the middle? Look on the top left, see that flipping blob. Look on the bottom and top, see that bobbling family taking root – they’ll spread in a short time. YES: this is how you tell a REAL Stone Island badge – look out for the flipping ugly imperfections. How sad. Picture from the Osti Archive.)

Aniversary badge: please, someone bring me my puke bag, I feel sick all of a sudden.

Image result for anniversary stone island badges

Mesh Stone Island Badge: OMG… I am sooo jealous. I’ve just seen pictures of these. Never seen one in real live. This one is my favourite – even though I’ve never seen one in real life! It looks so damn SICK!

Gunge Retro Stone Island Badges: yukky, looks sooo disgusting – but looks soooo cool! Aaaarhg… I dont want to fall for it… I cant help it – it looks so damn crazy!

(I got the image from Pinterest – I couldn’t figure out how to embed a link – they’re so pants when it comes to linking images.)