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How Many Colours of Stone Island Badges Are There?

Only a few colours right? Wrong… there’s looooads!

There’s the standard black with green writing and yellow circle?

Image result for different colour stone island badges

(Picture from ClubJJ.)

So over the years… this original one has had a few different flavours. All based on the same model.

(I’ll try and add some pics of one of my badges bought from Woodhouse on Oxford Street 17 years ago!)

But… there’s other ones…!

Black Ghost Stone Island Badge – all black – and looks JUST so amazing!

Image result for black stone island badge

(Picture from John Anthony.)

Ghost Project – NOT to be mistaken for the Black badge. The Ghost Project badge is a little more special. The back has a silk smooth cover and you cant see the underside of the badge.

(I couldn’t find any pics ANYWHERE – so I got this one from an eBay seller who auctioned off for near £60.)

Black and White. They look so cool! But… I can’t find ANY pictures. The only ones I find are blatant fakes on eBay.

Red Stone Island badges – OMG – well… have you EVER seen anything like it…?

(Red badge… I couldn’t find a reputable site – I think pretty rare!)

Olive – excuse moi…? What the heck are Stone Island upto? But… I love it!

( Picture courtesy of Pinterest.)

Navy… I’ve seen one in real life. But cant find ANY images anywhere!

White: one of my favourites! Looks exactly like a white Ghost!

(OK… OK… I’ll own up… I couldn’t find a white badge ANYWHERE! So I got this bootleg badge picture from a seller on eBay – I mean I say bootleg only because of the long thin strip on the bottom – the problem is, I’ve seen REAL Stone Island badges in a far worse condition – I mean, I’m talking about a new one as well – a new Stone Island badge that looks rank – not a rare thing.)

Glow badge: not just for super heroes – has enough light to keep a dolls house lit for 10 seconds.

Image result for different colour stone island badges

(Guys, look at the DISGUSTING detail on that badge. See the bits of stray string near the middle? Look on the top left, see that flipping blob. Look on the bottom and top, see that bobbling family taking root – they’ll spread in a short time. YES: this is how you tell a REAL Stone Island badge – look out for the flipping ugly imperfections. How sad. Picture from the Osti Archive.)

Aniversary badge: please, someone bring me my puke bag, I feel sick all of a sudden.

Image result for anniversary stone island badges

Mesh Stone Island Badge: OMG… I am sooo jealous. I’ve just seen pictures of these. Never seen one in real live. This one is my favourite – even though I’ve never seen one in real life! It looks so damn SICK!

Gunge Retro Stone Island Badges: yukky, looks sooo disgusting – but looks soooo cool! Aaaarhg… I dont want to fall for it… I cant help it – it looks so damn crazy!

(I got the image from Pinterest – I couldn’t figure out how to embed a link – they’re so pants when it comes to linking images.)


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How to Steal a Stone Island Badge

WARNING: if you try this guide and get caught and need to appear in a court hearing – give us a shout, we’ll come see you in court – feel free to tell the judge where you learned it all from.

First off, you need to be hidden. CCTV everywhere – don’t wanna get caught do ya?

You need one of these to hide your face:

OK… so it’ll cost you £300 – £400 – so what!! You’re after a Stone Island badge – they’re worth their weight in gold.

Next, get together with some mates. Buy each mate one of the above coats – you know it’s worth it.

Next, go to a football match. Look out for a weakling who’s under 5 foot 4 inches tall who doesn’t have any mates + who’s wearing a Stone Island jacket.

RUSH him boys (but don’t harm him or anything – love to all mankind).

Two of you grab his left arm. And now pull, pull with ALL your might! Pull HARD!

I said pull REAL hard, the damn badge is stuck on with SUPER GLUE!

Oh… wait… sorry… my bad… wait… hold on… I have a Stone Island expert on the phone….

He says the badge is easy peasy to to JUST lift off. The wearer knows NOTHING.

You don’t need to go into training to become a pick pocket – it’s EASY!

If you don’t have the guts to do in person… go to a restaurant… follow some thugs (rich ones) at a football match and go into a restaurant. Wait for one of them to hang up their jackets.

BANG! You strike! Yeeeeee ha! You’re now worth a £10,000 – that’s how much a real Stone Island badge can cost – honest, I’m telling the truth… would I lie to you??

Sad sad story… the truth… both the above happened to moi. 🙁

‘Lifted’ off my shoulder walking to a football game – I never even felt it.

Last time, went out with some friends… coat hanged up. On way out: missing Stone Island badge.

Put on a brave face and laugh off with the lads. Get home and cry. 🙁

I asked Stone Island for help: “We don’t sell badges. Goodbye.”

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Stone Island Fake Guide – Buyer Beware!

So, educate yourself.

Watch a few youtube videos.

My favourite:

But… here’s my take on it…

Actually… wait… are you a Stone Island Devotee? Are you a child of Stone Island and will defend them to the core (no matter how wrong they are?). Please stop reading here. You wont like some of what you read…

OK… I tried to warn you off… read on…!

Stone Island hide behind the Certilogo. That’s awesome. I love it. You can tell a real vs fake that works some of the time. It’s clunky and has some dumb user experience – needs about 20 clicks before you get an answer. AND, they have this really sophisticated part where they WONT tell you the answer about fake or real UNLESS you’ve bought it. You cant check unless you’ve paid cash and parted with your money – ONLY then will they give you an answer. They’re sooo clever!

But… here’s my gripe: (Message to Stone Island) Stone Island – bloody make some DECENT quality clothes. Don’t make jumpers that will bobble. Don’t make clothes that have excess string sticking out. Don’t have badges that look wonky and out of shape. Heck, why use YKK zips?? Give me something that says Stone Island on it! I could go on and give you an essay on this.

Some Stone Island clothes are just skank. Honest, I would run a million miles. £900 for a winter warm coat – something granddad would wear. Yeah… yeah… it’s got a Stone Island badge on though – so it looks hip. Whatever. It looks crap. A badge does nothing. It still looks like a potato coat!

Message to Stone Island: make decent quality couture quality. You have a fan base that will pay a lot. Give back some respect.

A fake: you can spot one a mile off. Forget the Certilogo mate!

Just my take! 🙂

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NEW Stone Island 2018 Video Released! Spring Summer Collection

Oooh lala. Take a look at the new Stone Island video.

It looks JUST sick. They do it again.

Time to throw away the old collection in the bin? (OK… maybe not.)

Alligator camo and new reflective fabrics – what’s that all about??

Quoted from “5-panel hats and padded jackets feature frequently in the new visuals, which showcases pieces from Stone Island’s Marina, Folded and Ghost lines. There’s an apparent focus on pastel hues as well as classic monochrome colours throughout the collection, which features the type of slick technical wear and refined casual attire we’ve come to expect from the brand.”

See the – awesome for keeping upto date for fashion and more.

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Stone Island: the Bobble Syndrome and what to do about it!

£400 on a nice wool jumper. Quality. Priceless. You look after it like it’s your own child. You wear it, take it out – you’re SUPER careful.

The baby comes home safely with you at the end of the day. All is well. Fantastic. The story end happy, ever after.

EXCEPT: not!

Wear it again. Everything fine.

Wear it again. Everything fine.

Wear it again. Everything fine.

But… then… one day (not like a million years later -we’re talking a week or 2)…

It’s F******G bobbling! Erghhh! What’s this hideous thing?

Check the Certi Logo – it MUST be *FAKE*! No that checks out.

OH NO! I’ve been given a 1 in a million dud?

No. It’s typical.

It happens. It just flipping happens. 🙁

£400 for what? And you get bobbling?

All is not lost. You can find something to fight back and stop it and bring your Stone Island clothing back to life.

Link: .
Instructions: be careful. Go slow. The scissors are actually professional tailor ones that have precise cutting for gentle fabrics (don’t use to cut anything else). You have to snip away just the right amount – too much… and you’ll cut a hole! NO OTHER scissors give the same control. Enjoy.


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What does the Stone Island Badge mean?

(Picture from Cruise Fashion – a new store I’ve come across, mega expensive but mega gorgeous clothes.)

It means… to me… rebel. Someone who’s not afraid. Someone who’ll roar and stand up. It’s a sign: beware, I stand up for myself. Love me, and I’ll love you – bit me, and I’ll bite back twice as hard. To me… it’s about status. YES: I’ve actually spent a few hundred buying this kit – just to make my statement.

(Hey!, are you in desparado need of a replacement Stone Island badge? see our store to buy a badge!)

All my life, I’ve known makes like Armani, Gucci, DKNY and a few others. (Of course you have Nike and Adidas and others that have come and gone.) But, none have that same reputation as the Stone Island King. It’s the badge. It says it all. It says words that I can’t speak or convey. It speaks for me.

Others: nah… rich boys… they don’t get it. Cheap fakes… yeah, whatever, you can spot them a mile off. A real Stone Island wearer… he (or she) pulls it off. They have just the right balance. Looking street… but still smart… but not posh smart. You know what I mean? No? You’re not part of the gang, you’ll never understand. 😉

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Stone Island Badge and Buttons for Sale – REALLY??

Yes, you read it right: Stone Island Badge and Buttons for Sale.

Really? No. Not possible. Stone Island don’t sell badges. I asked them. They told me to go away. I cried. They still told me to go away.

Where can you get a badge from?

eBay? You might as well print out a picture on your printer and stick it on your sleeve with kids glue. I started there. My journey and quest to replace my badges lost started there – OMG. Shocking quality. Nothing like the original.

The way I see it… it’s not illegal to sell the badge – it’s like selling a car part or compatible ink.

But come on!! It’s got to look the real deal.

Nah… eBay is hit and miss – more miss than hit.

Gumtree? Nah. Forget that one.

Depop and Splock? I think you can only get these guys on an app. Yes, there are some for sale – not a huge availability.

And… well… there is nowhere. Absolutely nowhere where you can buy a Stone Island badge. A red Stone Island badge – or a green one or a black one… nowhere to be found!

So… this website was born – to become an exchange for sellers.

Born out of frustration because I couldn’t buy anywhere else.

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How to Make a Stone Island Badge

Yes, you heard it… you can make your own Stone Island badge.

I just couldn’t believe it when I heard about it. Shocking mate, just shocking.

Sit at home and make your own *special* badge.

Be the envy of your mates.

The guy who shows how to make is a real talent. He’s a clever guy. He’ll get knighted one day for his services to football hooligans. See video below. (And remember where you heard about it.)

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There’s a Reason You’re Suddenly Seeing Stone Island Everywhere…

Esquire Magazine have an awesome article how Stone Island is storming America and becoming a brand that will be worth $1 billion soon!

Article from Esquire:

CEO Carlo Rivetti explains how the 36-year-old Italian streetwear brand broke into America.

Though it’s been around since 1982, Italian sportswear company Stone Island has only recently graduated from cult status to a broader prominence in the American fashion scene. (In the UK, it’s been a staple for decades.) But in that short span of time, the brand has chalked up a seriously impressive resume. From collaborations with Supreme and NikeLab; to a growing range of technologically advanced jackets, tees, and hoodies; to a 5,300-square foot flagship store on La Brea Avenue, right in heart of Los Angeles’ streetwear district (Union, Undefeated, and Stussy are neighbors); Stone Island is definitely having a moment.

We stopped into the brand’s L.A digs to chat with CEO Carlo Rivetti, and to find out how a small Italian brand once worn primarily by English soccer hooligans became one of the coolest streetwear players on the market.

Los Angeles weather isn’t great for a brand that specializes in outerwear.

I came to Los Angeles five years ago and saw how people are so relaxed here. And most of them were moving around; they don’t just stay in the office. And, of course, you don’t see a lot of people wearing jackets and ties. So the only problem, perhaps, could be the weather. Because it is usually very good weather here. But the shop is doing very well. Even more than expected. And this is the biggest shop we have. And probably the best. But then the last one is always the best, right?

The current cultural moment is perfect for Stone Island.

I think the collaborations with NikeLab and Supreme, they were very helpful for us for sure. We opened up a wider audience to our product. It’s also the right moment, I think. The world is changing. Between activewear and sportswear, it’s total now. And all around the world, too. I always have to say thank you to Nike, Puma, Adidas—because everything changed from the shoes. Look at the young generation: They will never wear the classical English shoes that I like. They wear sneakers.

Read the full article here: Esquire.

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Stoke City fan, 21, told by bouncer to remove Stone Island logo from £259 jumper – because of ‘hooliganism’ association

OMG, I couldnt believe it when I read this story. A bit wacky and unbelievable.

(The Kiln in Newcastle has defended its dress code policy!)


Reveller Brandon Parton has told how he feels ‘discriminated’ against after bouncers made him remove the Stone Island logo from his £259 jumper – after they claimed the ‘brand is associated with trouble of gangs’.

The Stoke City fan was on a night out at The Kiln in Newcastle when security staff ordered him to take off the detachable patch from his sleeve because it didn’t ‘comply with the dress code’.

While Brandon followed the order because he didn’t want to cause a scene, he admitted the decision left him feeling ‘judged’.

The 21-year-old has now called on The Kiln to rethink their ‘ridiculous’ policy on banning labels supposedly connected to ‘trouble or gangs’.

See full article here: The Sentinel.