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Best Places to Buy Stone Island Online

A bit lost? Want a bargain – but don’t want to get screwed buying something super dodgy?

Instead of buying fake Stone Island, you might as well draw a badge on a piece of paper and glue onto your sleeve. Some fakes are soo sooo bad. But then… who’s to blame?

First Guilty: Stone Island company. Heck you guys have made something a certain group of people really really want and need.

Second Guilty: the Chinese. OMG. How hard could it be to make something half decent? Pretty hard actually! Stone Island go to great lengths to build in some rocket science tech into their clothes. Shame about the abysmal badges – that get tarnished ever so easily + stolen or just damn lost! The poor old Chinese make pathetic, I mean ABSOLUTELY pathetic fakes – but then these get bought EAGERLY by people who can’t afford – but all they know is about this magical Stone Island Badge – because they’ve never worn before… they don’t the the glaring fake signs to watch out for!

See our ‘Where to Buy‘ page. Not an exhaustive list – but a great starter.

See the ‘guide to spot fake Stone Island‘ – and keep yourself safe.

And then there’s ‘How to Wear Stone Island Cheap and Not Break the Bank Balance‘.

And then there’s…

Hold on… don’t be sooo lazy.

Surf the website more. It’s got loads of helpful information. 🙂

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World Cup – Where’s Stone Island?

Hey! The World Cup is on!

Who’s going to win? Brazil? England? (1 in a million chance?) Argentina? Croatia (they’re saying they’re the dark horse of the tournament!)

My money’s on Uruguay. 🙂


Stop everything!

Where’s Stone Island??

I haven’t seen a single Stone Island Badge ANYWHERE!

Hmm… something gone wrong here.

Football + Crazy fans = many Stone Island clothes and badge wearers.

Where are they?

Gone into hiding?


I think the real answer lies in the price – the fans have spent sooooo much buying tickets that they didn’t have $2000 to buy a Stone Island jacket.

Panic over.

Go back to whatever you were doing.

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A Guide for Spotting Fake Stone Island – review of review

I found a blog post while surfing.

If you know Stone Island, you don’t need to read – it’s more for newbies who are clueless!

“Stone Island has always been popular amongst many, from the Paninaro youth culture in the 80s to football enthusiasts, and more recently the Grime and Rap scene with the likes of Drake and Travis Scott. Yet, no matter who is buying Stone Island, one thing that seems inevitable is the hundreds of fakes plastered over the internet. I have put together this guide in the hope that you can learn a thing or two on spotting fakes. Also, to hopefully stop anyone from being bumped when it comes to purchasing Stone Island.”

There’s a lot more to read. Read the full article here:

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How to Wear Stone Island Cheap and Not Break the Bank Balance

How do you wear Stone Island without going broke? How can you get hold of that special badge without breaking the bank?

FACT: Stone Island don’t sell badges. FACT: buy from eBay or Gumtree and you get fakes galore.

Have you got £1100 to spare? If so, then buy the jacket below – a snip at £1095 at Farfetch – with the remaining £5, you can buy yourself a greasy kebab after the football match.

So, how does one wear ‘cheap’ Stone Island – while still keeping up that impression and appearing to be part of the gang?

Here’s some tips off the top of my head:

  • Buy fake. eBay (AKA Fleebay/Dodgy Kingdom for Fakes/Scammers Paradise). If you have mates who don’t wear Stone Island – they won’t know the difference. And you’ll be prince charming. But erm… if you’re mates know Stone Island… don’t… DO NOT… I mean DO NOT buy! The fakes are just so pathetic. You can spot a mile and a half away. You’ll be laughed at and become a joke!
  • eBay – buy used: yes, you can actually pickup a bargain – but the real clobber really holds it’s value. And don’t bother relying on the Certilogo – that’s hit and miss – like you HAVE to have the item in your possession AND have bought BEFORE they will tell if genuine or not. Pathetic guys. Make your system better.
  • BEST TIP: buy a nice Stone Island Polo tshirt. Mix and match with other items. You’re still part of the crew. A genuine SI Polo tshirt will cost you £110 – or roughly $140. Hunt around and you can pickup for £40 – £50 ($60 – $75).
  • Jeans: relatively cheap at £195 (well compared to the price of a jacket it’s cheap!). Remember, it’s just some denim with the special ‘Stone Island Badge’ on – take the badge of and no one blinks twice when they see you wear.
  • Buy a Stone Island wooly hat. A snip at £75. Best worn in summer – but because of the heat, wear on your head and go round with nothing else on – underpants, shoes, socks and trainers are optional.
  • Avoid Gumtree for used or new. 99% chance it’s a dodgy crappy fake.
  • Buy off season and wait for sales. That £1095 jacket above will be on sale for £795 in 12 months time. Ahem… well… that’s a heavy discount if you think about it.
  • Crazy Idea: buy a badge and stick it on ordinary clothes. Ting!! You have a ‘Stone Island’ piece of clothing right? Well… not quite – it’s not that easy my friend – you need to be a ninja sewer with expert eyesight when sewing – skills old women take a lifetime to master. You have to know how to sew. The buttons are strategically placed and well sewn in. Make a bad job and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb – and you’ll mess up the arm. You can’t JUST stick on a crappy jacket bought from Primark. Stone Island clothes are well sewn. They don’t fall apart. Sewing onto a jacket through the arms is actually demanding!

REMEMBER: you read it here first.

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How much would you pay for used Stone Island clothes?

Would you even buy used? Second hand. Worn before. Used and abused by some disgusting person? (Or maybe the owner was a rich posh person who looked after the item – but who knows?).

Image result for stone island

Stone Island clothes REALLY hold their value. Say a $800 jacket… you could sell for half price 12 months later.

How much would you pay? And where would you buy?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have the answers. The kind location is eBay. Yeah – full of sharks and thieves.

A bad place for buyers and a bad place for sellers. Sell and buyers just don’t pay. Even fake sellers get shafted – they sell and fake buyers come and SNAP at them and open claims galore shouting fake (after buying something that they knew couldn’t have cost 10% of RRP)! It’s a dog eat dog world.

Where can you go? I feel lost to be honest.

Gumtree to the RESCUE – not!!

Go on a blind date instead.

I wish Stone Island company would help. I wish they would setup an exchange.

Stone Island have a good fan base. A loyal one. Devotees. It’s like a cult. But I don’t think Stone Island care too much. Too worried about getting to big.

Trust me, there will come one day when you will buy Stone Island clothes from some cheap designer outlet for 5% of previous selling prices – I remember… brands like Fila, Ellesse – remember Sergio Tachini?? All found for cheaper than a bag of nuts at Waitrose. I think they were giving them away at Sports Direct once upon a time because no one was buying! (Waitrose: posh UK supermarket, Sports Direct – UK sports retailer full of junk that that the big brands want to throw away.)

I’ve bought and sold many Stone Island items. All on eBay. But… eBay is a bad place and I don’t use anymore – sooo many bad bad sellers who buy and don’t pay. Or idiots who want to ask 1001 questions but not buy.

Next project: setup an exchange for Stone Island?

I’ll have a think about that one. 🙂

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Balenciaga vs Stone Island

Hey, like it or not, Stone Island will lose it’s crown one day. One day, you’ll be able to buy Stone Island clothes from Sports Direct for special offers of 2 for £10.

Don’t believe me? It will happen – it’s a 100% certanty.

Who’s taking the crown right now?

Ever heard of Balenciaga? WOW. Some absolutely D I S G U S T I N G clothes. Made by some alien marshans who have no sense of style!

OK… get your puke bags ready in one hand… now look below.

For gawds sake! Just let out all the puke and carry on reading. The above pic shows some highly paid model who’s been paid £1m to wear some disgusting clothes. Or maybe, he#s doing it for free because he doesn’t like it!

Stone Island = cool? No way! I’ve seen sooo many people who just look uncool and can’t pull it off.

Will I wear Balenciaga? NO WAY JOSE! I would never ever ever wear in my entire life.

Well… actually… it depends how cool everyone thought it was. If everyone woke up and it was THE brand to buy… erm… f*ck it… I’m buying!

In fact… go buy now!! I’ll be following behind you (if enough of you buy!).

Balenicaga Website

Make sure you have £5000 to spare – needed for a whole outfit.


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Balenciaga – the NEW Stone Island Being Born?

I read the name a few times online. Didn’t pay any attention.

Wow… super different fashion – so different in style.

Image result for balenciaga fashion

Typical moon boots – fashion from outer space.

Prices are astronomical. And you thought Stone Island prices where high? Yikes take a look at the prices for Balenciaga.

It seems to be taking the world by storm. The name is everywhere.

I was listening to a radio show yesterday – BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme (awesome listening to… I would have given a link to the episode itself, but the episodes get deleted after 1 year). They had this thing about dads taking kids to parks and dressing super fashionably. Apparently Baleniciaga (it’s SUCH a pain to spell!) was using dads in catwalks. Apparently dads are the new cool – with beer bellies and jeans and trainers and walking their kids in the parks during the weekday when they should be at work. (OK… I added the beer belly and being at work part – I made that part up – I’m sure it’s true though.)

I’m now going to save up my pennies and by myself a hideous Balenciaga jacket.

Erm… no, I don’t think so. I’ll stick to Stone Island. I think they’re ridiculously priced as it is! But heck… I feel part of a community with Stone Island. 🙂

Balenciaga – might be taking the world by storm – but I ain’t buying the hype. A case of the New Emperors clothes I think. One person saying to another: hey, how fab and different that looks. That person saying – OH WOW! This is the NEW thing. The next person going out splashing out and buying. Yeah, that’s how the world turns. My guess: everyone, absolutely everyone thinks the clothes look pants! But no one wants to say.

Take a look at some horrible and horrendous clothes: Balenicaga Website – be warned, some disgusting clothes on show.

I think I’ll stick to Stone Island and the icon Stone Island badge thank you. 🙂

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The MOST Disgusting Stone Island Jacket EVER

Get ready to PUKE…

Related image

I don’t care. I JUST don’t care. I would NEVER EVER, I mean EVER wear one of these jackets. It’s never been in style and never will be in style.

It looks sick as in real meaning sick and not sick as in meaning sick as in sick like awesome – does that make sense?

Stone Island: WTF?

What are you doing?


Don’t make trash clothes like this. I would buy one of these jackets JUST to get the Stone Island badge and sell on this website!

The jacket itself I’d give to charity or use as a dish cloth.

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How to Look After your Stone Island Clothes

Stone Island jumper – oooh LOVE it. Pure class in looks. Pure junk in material. It bobbles. It flipping bobbles.

How does one look after a Stone Island jumper?

Get a woman to look after it? After all, they are superior to looking after things than us cavemen?

One way to prolong the life is to dry clean. Dry cleaning uses chemicals to sanitise and clean clothes. You buy a jumper for a princely sum of $250 from Selfridges say and you have to spend $10 washing it each time? It’s not that bad actually – the French pay through the nose for everything – food, dry cleaning – mega astronomical costs.

But love it as you might, are you really going to spend THAT much EACH time to wash your Stone Island badge and jumper?

First tip: remove the badge! Don’t trust it being washed ANYWHERE – it’s far too precious!

If you don’t like the idea of washing… then here are some tips:

  • Wash on low temperature.
  • Always iron on low temperature and bring the item back to life slowly.
  • Don’t rub the surface on other fabrics. Try living in a cave – it’s well known that cavemen do not suffer the bobbling problem.

Why does it bobble? The answer is a few things. One point is mentioned above: rubbing. When your clothes rubs against something it bobbles.

But why…? It’s to do with the thread. If the thread is coarse, it will bobble. If it’s fine, REALLY finely woven, then it will have a silk like texture. Even after washing a million times, it will still be silk smooth. But… unfortunately, Stone Island clothes are not made of the best materials – in my experience. (I’m sure other will say different.)

20 years ago, if you bought a Stone Island jumper it would be made of acrylic. This would bobble like mad before you got the damn thing home in the shopping bag!

Nowadays, a Stone Island jumper is made of 100% cotton or merino lamb wool. But doesn’t matter, if the material isn’t finely woven, then it will bobble!

Where can you get finely woven? Brands like Ralph Lauren and Armani have *really* finely woven materials – in shirts, tshirts and jumpers. Yes, they do cost xx amount more – but the quality is second to none. That’s one tale tale sign of a Ralph Lauren fake – whether it lasts in the wash or not. After 10 washes it should be smooth as a baby’s bum.

What should you do if your Stone Island jumper bobbles? Take it back!

In the UK (and will be similar in many other places), something should be expected to last a reasonable lifetime – else the consumer can take it back and get a refund. How long is a ‘reasonable amount of time’? 7 years believe it or not. I’ll say it again: 7 years. Keep your receipt and be strong. They’ll laugh at you when you go to the shop or online store. But do some homework as well – don’t take my word for it. Google and find out yourself.

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Stone Island Clothes and Badges for Women!

I don’t mean to make a joke of it…

But I think Stone Island are SEXIST! I think they need to put things right!

There are NO Stone Island clothes for women! NOTHING.

Not even a pink badge. HOW Hard would it be to make something for the girls?

Calling on Carlo Rivetti – listen up boss… the girls want in.

What are you waiting for?

I mean… YES… girls also want to pay hyper inflated prices – that’s their own right to do so!

I’m sick and tired of women wearing MY Stone Island clothes – I’ve had tops and tshirts stolen many a time (returned the next day of course) – no more!

Comes on Stone Island – hear what your customers are saying!