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Special Stone Island Button Wanted (SOLVED)

(READ FURTHER BELOW: Now case solved!)

I have a request from a buyer. He has a jacket from Stone Island 20 years old. 2 missing buttons. ?

Anyone got such a button spare?

The button measures 1 and a 1/4 inch in diameter.

See below.

Please fill in the ‘Sell a Badge‘ link and send in some pictures if you have.

You’d make a Stone Island fan super happy again. ?

EDIT: Update… 15/02/2019: the customer emailed me… he said he went down to the Stone Island Flagship store and showed them the sad story and told how he was distressed at having lost the buttons on a £700 coat. ?

Some guy in the store put on a cloak and pretended to be Superman and said… he don’t worry, we’ll fix this!

They added new buttons with some special gizmo button fixing machine. All done for free.

RESULT: a loyal customer, a customer for life. Priceless. As an aspiring online retailer, this is the kind of service I plan to give my customers. Well done Stone Island – a small clap for that feat of kindness.

NOTE: all of the above is a true story, the pic is a real pic from the customer, the only thing is… the bit about Superman and the cloak, well I made that up just to dramatize and and make into a film one day maybe?

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Size (Dimensions) of a Stone Island Badge

OK, so this is a question I get asked about 5-10 times a month. (I wish you guys would just buy and find out yourself! LOL).

The size should be roughly 9cm x 4.5cm. So, I say roughly, it depends on how much excess material Stone Island have given you. The LOVE giving a rough edge or 2 or 3. Finding one that has 4 rough edges is like finding a clover leaf! You’ll also find a dose of extra string sticking out here or there.

See below to see what I mean.

The REAL Stone Island Badge - from Stone Island

It looks like they JUST don’t care right? It looks like they’re happy to get you to spend $900 on a coat (that’s on sale with 40% off the real price). Don’t be silly. How cynical you are. It’s all done for the benefit of ‘art’. If you question, then you don’t understand – and you’re not as hip and trendy as you think you are – in fact, I don’t even think you can any longer be a member of the special ‘Stone Island Club’. This is something that I learned the from a famous story called the New Emperors Clothes – it’s a fantastic thrilling story that is full of action and exciting things happening throughout the story, I didn’t find out what happened in the end actually as I got in trouble at school and had to go see the head master JUST for talking (silly teacher – I was so much enjoying the story as well). I’m sure the story had a meaningful ending that taught lessons.

There are also the square badges. These seem to be in different sizes. The old Stone Island jeans had square badges – which I much preferred. I’ll update this post later with details.

And… there is the junior badge as well. I don’t have the size of that one – I’ve never had a junior badge sent in. I know it’s a smaller size and the space between the button holes is different. I’ll also update with those dimensions if I ever remember. 🙂

(EDIT: The actual size of a Stone Island badge is actually a little more than 9cm width and a little more than 4.5cm for height – I just rounded up to give easy to read figures.)

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BIGGEST Stone Island Badge Ever!

So I went to watch a match in Germany – I saw Borussia Dortmund clock up their BIGGEST win for more than 40 years – awesome match.

I went to the football museum – absolutely awesome visit – would highly recommend for ANY football fan. I went browsing in the town shopping centre… and then I saw something weird AND crazy!

BIGGEST Stone Island Badge Ever!

I mean – it was GINORMOUS! It measured like 40cm x 30cm.

See picture below!

The WORLDS Biggest Stone Island Badge!

I was gobsmacked. I called all my friends and told them. I even called my mum – but she put the phone down because she thought I was having a laugh.

Then it hit me. 🙁

It couldn’t be REAL! I mean where is the drop stitches!

I then frowned in sadness.

But then perked up AGAIN – I realised it must be from the 1982 – 1984 era when the Stone Island Badge first came out – it didn’t have drop stitches!

The drop stitches was a clever thing they introduced so that clever counterfeits couldn’t copy. I know one guy who used to make copies. Once they introduced the drop stitch, he went back to forging bank notes as it was too hard to add the drop stitches.

Anyway… it made my day. I was happy as a lamb. 🙂

(Oh… I forgot the name of the shop!! I’ll grab  a picture next time I visit.)

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Ugly Stone Island Shoes?

Have you got your puke buckets ready?

UGLY Stone Island Shoes

Oh PLEASE… just because you stick a Stone Island Badge on it, doesn’t make it cool and hip and trendy!!

Drake received a truly one-of-kind 31st birthday gift this year in the form of a custom Stone Island x Air Jordan 12, courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon. The unique Jordan 12 features repurposed materials from a Stone Island jacket and denim, including ribbing from the jacket used to create a sock-like ankle shroud. The repurposed denim is prominently displayed on the mudguard that overlays the royal blue upper, which also features subtle Stone Island branding. The Surgeon made sure not to forget the signature Stone Island badge, which is buttoned to the heel over a denim heel tab. In an Instagram post, The Shoe Surgeon described the materials used on this one-of-one pair as, “some of the most luxurious of textiles we have ever used.” The originality and swag put into the creation of this unique gift are truly fitting of Champagne Papi himself.

Read the full article and see more pics here: Sneaker News.

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CP Company – the Next Level Up to Stone Island?

As a young child, I used to think CP Company was far inferior to the Stone Island brand. Kind of like an unwanted step brother. (Is that cruel to say? Apologies to all unwanted step brother out there.)

Ugly unfashionable logo below:

CP Company Logo

So you like it?

Well, I think I’ve changed my mind. It seems I was wrong. CP Company has a higher status than Stone Island. Clothes can be more expensive – WAY more expensive. A lot more expensive. Actually, not for everything. Many things.

I’ve fallen in love with the goggles. They look so cool. The look so gangster like – great for peace loving animals who don’t like gangsters.

CP Company Hat

OMG. How cool. You can turn the cap around and present to be a hard football hooligan!

From the Daily Telegraph: 

Blokewear: the clothes men love that women hate

Men love clothes with a convoluted back story, high-performance specs and some sort of military association. It’s a shame women can’t stand them, says Alfred Tong.

The Mille Miglia is a race in which Italian playboys thrash their open top vintage cars around on a thousand-mile round trip that takes them from Brescia to Rome. It’s also the inspiration for an entirely different type of design classic: the Mille Miglia jacket by CP Company.

A quick glance at the CP Company website reveals the sheer amount of technical thought and science, the designer, Massimo Osti, brought to its creation in 1988. Utilising processes developed by the Japanese Civil Defence and Italian sports optics company Barrufaldi, this finely wrought piece of engineering, with it’s distinctive goggle hood detail, is a marvel of industrial design.

See the full article here: Daily Telepgraph.

Wiki Style Review:

The Brand

Established in 1975, C.P. Company has become a brand laboratory that conducts research and design with passion and boundless curiosity. Sourcing materials from every corner of the world and continuously experimenting with new manufacturing techniques, it has in its 40-year history produced over 40,000 garments, each reflecting C.P. Company’s core philosophy – Function and Use.

C.P. Company’s archive remains a source of inspiration for the design of its current collections. Ongoing research into military uniforms and work suits continues to be applied to the development of sportswear and clothing for urban environments. This approach, both innovative and anti-conformist, underlies the C.P. Company ethos today as experimentation has been expanded to introduce new technical properties and details that enhance the functionality of every piece.

Read the full details here: CP Company Website.

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Canada Goose Badges Wanted – Only Genuine Real Authentic Ones!

Attention: hello their fellow human beings!

Does ANYONE have ANY Canada Goose Badges?

Please send them to me and you can sell on my website.

Actually, let me take that back… I ONLY want real, 100% authentic and real – real as in the actual badge – not some cheap rip off that you bought from the pound or dollar shop – and nothing that you made at home for a school project!

To date, 9 badges have been sent in.

To date, 9 badges have been rejected.

See below for some help in deciding if you have a genuine badge:

Canada Goose Fake vs Real Badge

See this funny video from youtube: 

AND… if this is you with all these badges… please don’t bother sending in… if you’ve got THAT many badges… can’t be real!

Canada Goose Badges Galore!

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Stone Island Jeans vs Armani Jeans

Who get’s your vote?

Stone Island or Armani?

I mean look: the Stone Island is the winner right?

That big badge – glaring out at the world, saying: HEY LOOK AT ME! I’m a pair of Stone Island jeans!

(OMG – those trainers look sooo naff. Yuk. Horrible.)

Armani is old. Man, that’s like 40 years old or something??

And the winner is….


Yukky. I just don’t like the Stone Island jeans. They look damn ugly and the badge – it looks so cool on a top or coat – but on jeans… it’s toooo big!

Armani: it’s classy. People know. People see that little bird and give you nod.

Once upon a time, the Stone Island jeans were sooo cool. The badge was a small square one.

It’s hard finding an image even… see below.