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Canada Goose Badges Wanted – Only Genuine Real Authentic Ones!

Attention: hello their fellow human beings!

Does ANYONE have ANY Canada Goose Badges?

Please send them to me and you can sell on my website.

Actually, let me take that back… I ONLY want real, 100% authentic and real – real as in the actual badge – not some cheap rip off that you bought from the pound or dollar shop – and nothing that you made at home for a school project!

To date, 9 badges have been sent in.

To date, 9 badges have been rejected.

See below for some help in deciding if you have a genuine badge:

Canada Goose Fake vs Real Badge

See this funny video from youtube: 

AND… if this is you with all these badges… please don’t bother sending in… if you’ve got THAT many badges… can’t be real!

Canada Goose Badges Galore!