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BIGGEST Stone Island Badge Ever!

So I went to watch a match in Germany – I saw Borussia Dortmund clock up their BIGGEST win for more than 40 years – awesome match.

I went to the football museum – absolutely awesome visit – would highly recommend for ANY football fan. I went browsing in the town shopping centre… and then I saw something weird AND crazy!

BIGGEST Stone Island Badge Ever!

I mean – it was GINORMOUS! It measured like 40cm x 30cm.

See picture below!

The WORLDS Biggest Stone Island Badge!

I was gobsmacked. I called all my friends and told them. I even called my mum – but she put the phone down because she thought I was having a laugh.

Then it hit me. 🙁

It couldn’t be REAL! I mean where is the drop stitches!

I then frowned in sadness.

But then perked up AGAIN – I realised it must be from the 1982 – 1984 era when the Stone Island Badge first came out – it didn’t have drop stitches!

The drop stitches was a clever thing they introduced so that clever counterfeits couldn’t copy. I know one guy who used to make copies. Once they introduced the drop stitch, he went back to forging bank notes as it was too hard to add the drop stitches.

Anyway… it made my day. I was happy as a lamb. 🙂

(Oh… I forgot the name of the shop!! I’ll grab  a picture next time I visit.)