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Best Places to Buy Stone Island Online

A bit lost? Want a bargain – but don’t want to get screwed buying something super dodgy?

Instead of buying fake Stone Island, you might as well draw a badge on a piece of paper and glue onto your sleeve. Some fakes are soo sooo bad. But then… who’s to blame?

First Guilty: Stone Island company. Heck you guys have made something a certain group of people really really want and need.

Second Guilty: the Chinese. OMG. How hard could it be to make something half decent? Pretty hard actually! Stone Island go to great lengths to build in some rocket science tech into their clothes. Shame about the abysmal badges – that get tarnished ever so easily + stolen or just damn lost! The poor old Chinese make pathetic, I mean ABSOLUTELY pathetic fakes – but then these get bought EAGERLY by people who can’t afford – but all they know is about this magical Stone Island Badge – because they’ve never worn before… they don’t the the glaring fake signs to watch out for!

See our ‘Where to Buy‘ page. Not an exhaustive list – but a great starter.

See the ‘guide to spot fake Stone Island‘ – and keep yourself safe.

And then there’s ‘How to Wear Stone Island Cheap and Not Break the Bank Balance‘.

And then there’s…

Hold on… don’t be sooo lazy.

Surf the website more. It’s got loads of helpful information. 🙂