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Balenciaga vs Stone Island

Hey, like it or not, Stone Island will lose it’s crown one day. One day, you’ll be able to buy Stone Island clothes from Sports Direct for special offers of 2 for £10.

Don’t believe me? It will happen – it’s a 100% certanty.

Who’s taking the crown right now?

Ever heard of Balenciaga? WOW. Some absolutely D I S G U S T I N G clothes. Made by some alien marshans who have no sense of style!

OK… get your puke bags ready in one hand… now look below.

For gawds sake! Just let out all the puke and carry on reading. The above pic shows some highly paid model who’s been paid £1m to wear some disgusting clothes. Or maybe, he#s doing it for free because he doesn’t like it!

Stone Island = cool? No way! I’ve seen sooo many people who just look uncool and can’t pull it off.

Will I wear Balenciaga? NO WAY JOSE! I would never ever ever wear in my entire life.

Well… actually… it depends how cool everyone thought it was. If everyone woke up and it was THE brand to buy… erm… f*ck it… I’m buying!

In fact… go buy now!! I’ll be following behind you (if enough of you buy!).

Balenicaga Website

Make sure you have £5000 to spare – needed for a whole outfit.