I cried. I cried loads and loads. Ssssssssh. I’m a grown man! Grown men don’t cry! (Hey!, if you’ve finished crying and are here looking to buy a replacement badge, see our store to buy a badge!)

I lost my Stone Island badges. One on a jacket and the other on the most coolest long coat you’ve ever seen.

The first badge: went to see Chelsea vs West Ham. Walking to the game I looked at my arm – badge gone – my precious Stone Island badge gone. 🙁

Second badge: I hung my coat up in a restaurant. It was kind of rude not to – and you couldn’t sit with a long coat! 2 hours later, on the way out: badge gone. Stone Island badge gone into thin air.

One of the badges was a black one. Fairly rare.

I LOVE Stone Island. It’s my favourite brand. Ever since I was at college, I used to want to buy – but always too expensive for a little college kid. It stuck with me.

I’ve been buying and selling badges for ages now. I thought I’d give it a home where buyers can meet sellers and sellers meet buyers.

FACT: money can’t buy you JUST a Stone Island badge. You lose a badge off a coat, then essentially you don’t have any choice but to go and buy another coat!

PLEASE NOTE: the badges sold on this website are ONLY meant to be worn with Stone Island clothes. We don’t sell neck tags or clothing tags. The badges are meant to replace existing ones that you may have lost, damaged or had nicked!

The badges we sell: they’re all supplied by other people. Your Stone Island clothing ripped to bits – don’t throw away – sell us the badge! We’ll give it a new home ASAP!

Just Stone Island? OK… it started with Stone Island badges. I’ve bought and sold many others. Supreme badges – good badges are sooo hard to come by. Canada Goose badges – much sought after… but too many rubbish badges floating around.

Watch this space: the website has been setup to become an exchange… very soon, you can make your own login and upload your own badges to sell. Anything you sell, payment will go directly to you. We’ll simply charge 10% at the end of the month.

Some important notes:

  • We love our buyers. The buyer is King. We’ll give you utmost respect and amazing customer service. BUT, BUT, BUT this doesn’t mean the seller is a slave that will bow to your every whim – we are humans as well. If mistakes are made, we’ll correct and fix. If a customer is unhappy we’ll take a return and give a full unconditional refund. We’ll never hold the seller to ransom and treat them like dirt (like eBay and Amazon do) – the seller is a human too. This doesn’t mean a seller can give poor service, doesn’t mean they can supply shoddy and poor quality goods. Hope that makes sense. 🙂
  • All items sold are sold on behalf of other sellers. If you have any problems, then please contact us in the first instance – for now, we’ll deal with orders – most times, the seller themselves will post out orders to you – unless they have sent to us for fulfillment. After we make our market place, the first step will be to contact the seller themselves. If problems aren’t resolved, then the next step will be to contact us. You’ll always have the option to contact us and bypass the seller if you think it’s needed.
  • Some of the links will be affiliate ones. So click on a link for Amazon and you’ll be taken to the product or search page. Click on an eBay link and it will be an affiliate link. We’re also implementing affiliate links to other online shops and market places. We’ll always try to say in the text preceding, click on the link to go to XYZ market place or online eCommerce shop.
  • Any mistakes on the website, please let us know – your feedback is really appreciated.